Let’s Be Honest..

December 13, 2013

One of the things I wish I did more of (or at least had the time to) is reading books. Nowadays everything is so digitized with Kindles and tablets. That made me miss holding an actual book in my hands with some hot tea at a park or before bed. So this past Cyber Monday, I made it a point to get all of the books I’ve meaning to read and they’ve just started coming in the mail. Right now I’m reading The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. I’m only in the beginning chapters and I’m loving it already. It’s that type of book that you look forward to reading whenever you have free time.  I even got a few copies to give to my mom and some friends for Christmas! There’s so much to learn and so much to reflect on in the way that I live my life. It’s putting lots of things into perspective for sure. This weekend is going to be slightly crazy with Banter & Beans tomorrow afternoon but I want to try and sneak some “me” time in so I can read more of this book.

I hope you guys have a relaxing weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday!

Book image borrowed from The Honest Company

5 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest..

  1. lori

    I’ve recommended her book to so many friends and family. It’s a great book to open our eyes to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into our routines. Her products are actually very good too. We use Honest detergent and body wash in our home!


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