Confidence Inside and Out

Happy Monday guys! I’d like to start the week off on a high note – let’s talk about confidence. There are definitely days when I don’t feel like my best and last week was just that. I was just not a hundred percent. But I want to change that this week and really turn my energy around. And the most effective way I know how is by dressing up.

Whether I’m only going to work, a brunch date with some friends, or a really important meeting, looking put together makes a world’s difference. It’s crazy to think that such simple things can uplift your mood but it’s so true! When I leave the house wearing a power outfit, it definitely makes me feel like a million bucks and that I can do anything. So here’s what a power outfit that exudes confidence looks like to me.confidence

  I N S I D E  

Confidence isn’t just about how you look like on the outside. It is also about how you feel like on the inside. And to me, wearing something powerful even underneath it all is a confidence booster right from the get-go – especially during those times when a woman feels the least bit sexy.

My go-to: this bra from Anthropologie | this panty from Dear Kate

  O U T S I D E  

I’m a firm believer of dressing for your body type. Yes there may be some trends that you’d love to wear, but if it doesn’t work for you then don’t force it. I’ll let you in on a secret – for years, this has been my biggest issue. For a very long time I have been so uncomfortable in my own skin and how my body looks. I’ve been meaning to start a style column and show a little bit more of myself and my day-to-day style in this blog. However, because I’m self conscious of my body image, I just avoided the subject altogether.

My go-to: a shirtdress like this from GAP | nude heels like this from Madewell

But now I realized that I must work with my body instead of against it. All of us women are built differently. There was never a one-size-fits-all formula for women. Our differences make us beautiful and that uniqueness is the core of our confidence.

fern-dearkate-adSo to celebrate women, I’ll be taking over Dear Kate’s Instagram today and tomorrow for a short series featuring confidence. If this is your first time hearing about Dear Kate, it’s a lovely underwear line created by chemical engineer, Julie Sygiel, to give women underwear that is built to keep up with their busy lives. Dear Kate uses materials (patent pending) to create panties that are strong but still sexy and are sure to cover all of life’s mishaps. It’ll be lots of fun so be sure to follow along!

And to make sure we all start the week strong, I ask you this: What makes YOU feel confident?

8 thoughts on “Confidence Inside and Out

  1. lucinda

    agreed! it all begins from within and eminates outwardly. as they say, confidence is the best accessory. it’s sort of an abstract thought, but consistency gives me confidence. the act of doing {positive} things to and for myself on a regular basis allows those thing to build on themselves and create a strong foundation for what is layered on top.

    awesome collaboration, i look forward to following your IG contributions to dear kate.

    1. Celestine Post author

      I agree! I think it’s so powerful when you’re making a statement for yourself from within more so than what people see. The fact that confidence exists underneath all of your clothing and you’re the only one that knows it is very inspiring :)

  2. bri

    i love this post! usually i’m wearing sweats … with milk stains on them. super hot. but i always make sure i feel my best when i go out to yoga. sounds weird because i know i’m going to sweat and end up looking bad, but i put on the good yoga pants and nice sports bra and actually put some effort in. and it makes me feel better! and work harder!

    1. Celestine Post author

      I do the same! Sometimes even if I’m only going out for a stroll on my bike, I still like to dress up a bit. It definitely puts me in a better mood. Also, I’ve gotten into the habit of only keeping good things in my closet that way I’m never tempted to wear anything too frumpy. Good strategy I tell ya!

  3. Sarah | Safaris and Sunsets

    What a fabulous Monday morning read! A wonderful outfit can do wonders, can’t it? On the days when I’m just all around feeling my outfit, I feel full of energy and motivation… like the world is actually at my fingertips. Heading over to Instagram now to give Dear Kate a follow + take a look at their clothing line! Have a beautiful Monday, my dear!

  4. Angel Y.

    Love this post! Dressing for your body type is so important. It helps you feel extra confident in your skin while not having to worry about what doesn’t look exactly right. Confidence always starts inside first so having a positive outlook is important. Amber of Yes to Joy did a great post on confirmations that would do well with this post I think! :) Hope you are well!

    1. Celestine Post author

      Amber has a really cool blog and she definitely has lots to say about staying positive and keeping the good vibes flowing. I’ve never met her in person but I know she’s in Philly :)


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