December 2013 Sponsors

December 24, 2013

Hey guys! As we close off 2013, I’d like to thank these three special ladies for sponsoring Fernaly since its launch earlier this month. My first year of blogging has been such a roller coaster but in very good ways. I’m so happy to have met these ladies and to have done some awesome collaborations with them in the past and hopefully in the future. At the bottom of every sponsor bio, I’ll be sharing a fun fact about them that makes them super awesome!
Aside from her blog, Miranti also has a pretty rad stationery company. She lives in Sydney with her husband and is a pet-mom to her adorable pug named Obi.

Melissa is my business partner and my good friend. She is what you call a career slasher – entrepreneur / photographer / consultant  / social media strategist / blogger and serial ideaholic. She also lives upstairs from me and I have become her resident barista. Her favorite drink is an iced soy chai.

Trina and I met through Twitter a while back. Our one major thing in common? We’re both baristas and I love that she speaks this weird language that I do. She lives in Northern Cali  with her husband, Chris, and makes pretty sweet playlists over on her blog.

All photos taken from their InstagramMiranti, Melissa and Trina

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