On Blogging/10: How Do You Get Organized?

December 16, 2013

onblogging01 After reading lots of other posts about this subject, I had to ask myself “How do I get organized?” “What is my process?” Apps, calendars, notebooks, all that jazz… With so many options out there on how to make your blogging life run as smooth as possible, I’m really curious as to how you guys do it. I know that many of you have day jobs, freelance work, contribute to other blogs, hobbies and well… life outside of blogging. My process is a little antiquated and I must admit, not the most efficient. But that’s what works. Here’s how I get things done and stay on top of it.

onblogging02 Notebooks, Notebooks and More Notebooks

I honestly think that my way of keeping organized stems from when I used to go to school in the Philippines. We didn’t use computers to take notes and calculators for equations. Everything was manual and handwritten (except for papers and reports of course). To this day, I have a notebook for everything. A blog notebook, Femme & Fortune notebook, Banter & Beans notebook, Veritas notebook and Client notebook. They’re small and can fit almost anywhere so I bring them with me everywhere I go. That way, if I had to remember something or if inspiration strikes, I have it with me. The funny thing is, my mom went to the same school and she writes down everything, too!

onblogging03 Checklists

Man, do I love checklists. My friends know this about me and think that I’m such a weirdo for doing it. Not only do I love checklists, but I HAVE to make the boxes myself. I draw them next to every task I need to complete. My favorite is when I can check a box off. And for the times I can’t, it bugs me so I’m forced to just get it done.

onblogging05 TeuxDeux
This is how I get things done with Melissa. It’s a virtual checklist of things we need to do together and separately. It’s great because you can dedicate tasks for each day of the week and for each person on your team. Check it out here!

Google Calendar
This is how I put down my personal schedule throughout the week combined with Melissa’s. That way, we can schedule around each other and see when the other is available for meetings and other things we need to do regarding our business.

Calen Mob
This is how I view my Google Calendar on my phone. I love that I can edit and add things to my calendar even when I’m not on my desk and I can still color-code my tasks depending on what its for. Melissa’s calendar is purple and mine is green so it makes everything easier visually. You can download it from iTunes here!

I’m always up for learning about other methods on getting organized. I have yet to find a good match that can eliminate some of the things I currently can’t live without so I’m asking you this,

How do you get things done and keep your productivity level at its peak? Do you still take notes? What are some of your favorite apps?

All photos by yours truly

3 thoughts on “On Blogging/10: How Do You Get Organized?

  1. Bebe Pies

    I am all about notebooks too! I always have one with me. i also use a good ol’ paper agenda. i like how pretty they are and sometimes just looking at it inspires me :P

  2. Charlotte

    Im all about writing lists too! I love to check things off, and it helps me remember. I have yet to find the perfect to do list app, but at the moment I use keep. Im also on the hunt for the perfect agenda/organiser/planner/diary!


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